.Family Garden.day three.

Oh what a day...
.super soil.
.ARMM truck.
Finally the Schwerzler Family Garden is planted and ready for growth.  I'll show you in pictures of our progress today!!!!!

after my father and I picked up the super soil from Evan's Landscaping...unloading!

.spreading it out.


I'm super SUPER pumped about this green pepper starting already!!


.putting the rain barrel together.

.i'm disgusting.yet proud.
ENJOY...can't wait for my veggies/flowers/ to GROW...

we planted:

.banana pepper.
.red pepper.
.green pepper.
.yellow/orange pepper.
.a bazillion types of tomatoes.
.green beans.

Here is a better shot of the plants so we will (hopefully) see some growth comparisons soon!

.hosta and foxclove seedlings.
.right side.

.left side.


I'm in love with the color of the cabbage leaves and it's purple vine. Nature is beautiful!
{well, not really, have to attach rain barrel to the down spout and add soaker hose}

~have a happy Memorial Day weekend~

This was my morning/afternoon project, I'll post soon about my second project today...something for my school...



I (kate) have little fear in my life....for some reason I have always felt extremely calm and secure.  I know for many death, financial loss, etc. are huge, 'normal' (whatever normal is..ha) fears carried in our hearts in our daily lives.  However, I do not fear death itself or really for that matter most 'normal' fears (in my humble opinion).

I do have mini-fears though.  MANY mini-fears.
This specific one happens quite often in my life.

Notice the HUGE ash tree in my front yard...(which I adore)
couple fears:
1. the ash borer bug
2. it falling ONTO my mini-house...EEK!

So, when storms come a knockin', I get a frettin'
Last night I was getting very anxious about tree fear #2...
However, as you can see above my God watched out for me and my family!
I feel blessed that I only had to spend an hour or so picking up branches and limbs and not picking up pieces of my humble abode. 

I am praying deeply for those who are currently facing natural disasters and all the huge fears we carry with us every day.  Instead of focusing on the fear, focus on the positives in your life and be thankful for every blissful minute. 

I do have a family friend in my life whom I think of every time there is bad weather or something not so pleasent happening...Rob Weber! He is the #1 most positive person I have every had the pleasure of spending my time with.  I can hear his sweet voice and see his calm smile saying "Isn't it just a beautiful day, lets be thankful, bless Jesus." all the while a tornado could be blowing down the street!!

His everlasting faith and positive, thankful outlook on life is a TRUE inspiration!
Rob and his amazing wife Karen
(p.s. they have a gorgeous family of 10 children as well)
...won't lie, picking up branches wasn't necessarily 'blissful'...


.Family Garden.day two.

todays plan went south...
My father, mother and I went to the church to get the huge truck...

but, it was in use by someone else in need.  Apparently my mission wasn't supposed to happen tonight!

We were going to go to Evan's Landscaping to pick up a huge load of topsoil to fill this beautiful space (it will become even more beautiful...promise):

my sweet {G} finished this part today..prep for the topsoil
 Oh...so you noticed the new addition to the left....YAHOO!!! It is our new rain barrel, and I am pumped about it.  I never thought I'd be so exicted about something that holds water, but little things excite me! We haven't set it up totally yet, the gutter will go into the top and then we'll attach a soaker hose at the bottom.  I have no doubt this was worth the $$$.  PLUS the top part of it is also a planter :)
...purchased at Sams Club...
I have purchased plants too :) Tracy joined me for this adventure.  This trip brings back SOOO many memories for me with my dad!  As a wee little one I'd go with him to our local market to inspect and he'd teach me how to pick the perfect plants and veggies!  They look great to me and I can't wait to put them in the ground...where they belong!!

Well, instead of picking up topsoil, I worked on another project (which I will share with you next week...its is turning out really great)
I will say this little sweet thang kept me company while I worked on it!!!

...happy tuesday...


what have you done for your bonsai today?

Bonsai: an artistic medium originating in Japan. Broadly speaking it consists of growing a tree or shrub in a container and shaping it in an aesthetic fashion.

I (Tracy) have been interested in bonsai trees for many years. I think it stems (pun intended) from my love of art, my passion for eastern cultures, and all things green (and lets be honest, one of my favorite childhood movies, karate kid). Last year, on my birthday my brother surprised me with a bonsai and tools and books to go with it. My excitement got the best of me. I was either watering it too much, fussing with it too much, or clipping it too much and it didn't survive. I blamed it on my lack of a green thumb but was so disappointed. Kate and her husband Geoff who also share an interest in bonsai trees, witnessed the tragic event.  This year, on my 30th birthday, I was even more surprised when my brother got me another one! I figured he must have more confidence in me growing one than I do or simply didn't know what to get me! However, with my husband 's help and consistent watering strategies, we have successfully kept the bonsai alive for three months now and it is actually flourishing! Our confidence has improved and we recently purchased another bonsai so now we have two!

Meanwhile, Kate and Geoff are looking into buying a bonsai; Kate is leaning towards a fruit bonsai. Geoff has a plethora of official bonsai containers that are ready for a tree planting! Kate and I are attending our first Greater Cincinnati Bonsai Club meeting tonight. I will take my two bonsai trees and I know Kate will be ordering one soon! We are super excited about the new found information we will receive as we emBARK on this new journey!


Kate's Quilt {first step}

rainy weekend = design my quilt

made quite some progress, and I am so exicted to see the final piece...

go here to see the prep I've already done

I have such a knowledgeable mother...THANKS MOM, without you who knows what my quilt would look like....SCARY!

Counting...decisions...picking favorites..ha!

writing up the directions and designing the actual quilt...adore it!

this is the center of the quilt....ekk...happiness!

hope you are all as excited as I am...even if you're not...pretend :)


Shower Caps?!

I made shower caps...

I know you may be thinking..."WHAT?!" they are SUPER cheap at the store, why would you make them...

my reasons:
1. I have curly hair (that I straighten sometimes)....and I don't wash my hair every day! I really disliked how with normal shower caps the hair around my face always got wet still.  They never seemed tight enough?!

2. I wanted to see if a clear one made me look more normal....

3. Companies never seem to 'finish' them properly.  The elastic eventually streched out and made the cap looser!

4. I love food shower caps for bowls.  So, I figured with the leftovers I'd make some :) AND these are clear so you can see into the bowl to see what deliciousness is inside..yum!

Draw your circles on the clear plastic (purchased at JoAnns)
Cut out the circles (I discovered it was almost impossible to use the serger with the smaller circles..oh well)

Our Epic FAIL....we (my mom and I) cut the elastic to fit our heads.  Then when we attempted to strech the elastic out to the edge around the circle....no go!  So.....

while using my mom's serger (sp?!) I pleated the plastic as I sewed around: PERFECT!

working my magic

Finished caps! They are perfect and my hair NEVER gets wet now, we'll see how long they last.. 
I do still get belly laughs from my hubby Geoff....it does kinda look like a space helmet (which is why you don't see a picture of me modeling it...hehe)!

With the other cap who wouldn't want to cover this delicious dish (p.s. one of my summer favorites-YUM)


can I just tell you how truly excited I am by little things....

I saw these beautifully decorated candles over here at Butterscotch Caramel and became instantly obsessed and intrigued...

It was Saturday evening and I had to try it IMMEDIATELY....around oh 11:00ish (bedtime for this old woman).  My husband even took part in the trial run (it is just that cool), he couldn't help himself...ha, how I love that man! 

This project truly takes ~10 min. and I absolutely ADORE my finished candle!!!!


It makes me smile every time I see it!  I created the emblem on publisher and followed the technique shown on Butterscotch Caramel (you HAVE to go see it....it is so easy and cool).  Mine turned out more 'vintage' looking and I'm not sure why, but I LOVE IT!!

Doesn't it look GREAT?!

I'm watching Newsies tonight per a student request and drinking my delcious Oregon Berry Smoothie out of my Just Married mug....and enjoying the gorgeous flickering of my candle (which by the way I got on a GREAT sale at kroger for a few bucks)!

How much longer am I considered 'Just Married'?! HA, or am I already past that!?



I created this for my sweet mother! It has been on my craft table for oh....probably years, and I (well my husband really kinda inspired me to do it) decided this year was the year to finish it!

I LOVE IT....lets start at the top! (kinda wanted to keep it....)
...reminder: click on the picture to enlarge!...

mom and dad on their honeymoon

left: me right: brother, cousin, me fishing in MI

left: brother and mom right: me and mom

far left: me left: mom/dad
right: brother far right: mom/dad on honeymoon
"family tree"
 I hand painted/grained the wood and then created my picture ornaments to hang!

~happy mother's day~
.have a celebratory weekend.

Lovely Crafty Home


when life gives you lemons...

Another thrift store find upgrade, everything you see (except for my assistant pup) was purchased for under $5.00 TOTAL! I (Kate) did this over spring break and have been enjoying it on my mantle!
Simple easy project....

gross bottom of the candle stick

removed a gross tin decorative plate (not pictured) and cork...then sanded!

this is hand painted and with a 'faux wood grain' LOVE IT!

I super glued the candle stick to the wood!

"When life gives you lemons...make a display case!"
(p.s. bought the lemons at the thrift store as well... for a huge bag only a $1.50--smell like lemons too)

On the mantle!