DIY: Cuddle Onsie

I love the cuddle fabrics...so soft and baby friendly it seems.
I saw one of these in a high end store and thought...I could 100% easily make this...so I did!

It took a short amount of time and personally I find it adorable!

I purchased some long sleeve onesies and thought about cutting it in 1/2, but decided to leave it in one piece.  This way I can still snap him into it easily and keep the top part on him in place!

Non-Detailed Instructions
(if I have some requests I'll post better ones)

I cut the blue cuddle fabric into a big rectangle and made a tube.

I then sewed the rectangle right below the armpits.

Lastly, after making a 'roll' for the elastic...fed the elastic through the bottom and finished it off!


Waiting patiently for a baby to put it on!



Baby Burp Cloths

I'm all about making my baby accessories (that aren't so appealing like burp cloths) adorable!

My mom made me 2 and I whipped up a couple others....

All you have to do is sew down some items (ribbon/fabric) and then wash to make them nice, wrinkled, and loved.

These were a quick way to appease my craft meditation time!

By: Kristy Soard (momma) to match the quilt she created for L!

By: Kristy Soard ( momma) this is the terry cloth back

GO OREGON DUCKS (my hubs requested an OR one...so I had to comply-right!)
by: me (not washed yet)

By: Kristy Soard (momma) for baby boy L

by: me

by: me (ribbon from my friend Lisa)

I love the washed/worn look, and we can't wait to burp our little one on these cuties :)



Natural Astringent: Witch Hazel


So, I had on Dr. Oz (not a normal show I have on) after school one day while I was running around the house and he was discussing some "Ways to Stay Young" and some cheap products to help!

I obviously had to listen and take some notes on this little clip. 
I've purchased and tried one of them:
Dickinson Brand has been around for years...and I'm a newly turned convert!
Dr. Oz said it was good for dark circles under your eyes so I sucked right in...thanks to my families genes in that department!
Well, I didn't find the right brand at Kroger...so I tried Walgreens and found only this:

T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Astringent
Our pharmaceutical formulation of witch hazel gently cleans and refreshes skin without removing essential moisture. This exclusive multi-use formula temporarily relieves skin irritations due to minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites. Also useful to calm, cool and cleanse your face and body. Keep a bottle in your bathroom medicine cabinet, and one in your First Aid kit!100% natural astringent for face and body Won’t dry like alcohol
Contains no artificial fragrances or dyes
Dermatologist tested and recommended

I purchased this cheap beauty and have used it on my face for about a week now and have loved the change in my skin and undereye. 
I would like to try and find the other products, so if you know where I can buy them in Cincy let me know! 
...I highly recommend...
--how did I not know this existed--



Maternity Photos {for sweet boy #1}

My momma and I went to our local favorite photo location and took some maternity photos.
Now, I love photography and wish I had more time in my life to study it further...but for now, I do what I can :)  My momma was the just camera holder with me shouting instructions best I could...lets just say my uncle {who lives in CO and did my wedding photos} should be the family member who continues with photography.....for now at least-wink!

I haven't had a chance to play on photoshop with any photos yet...but I wanted to share some now!

I'm currently 36w4d!
Happy President's Day

...classic heart pose...
cheesy, I realize
thought we get at least one

..as you can see here, he totally shifted to the right as I sat down...
there goes the nice symmetry, sweet nonetheless!..



Family Alphabet Scrapbook

I've been up to a whole lot here lately and haven't had a chance to fill you all in :)
Baby Lukas's due date is quickly approaching {good ole' St. Pattys Day} and SO much has taken place here in our household...
crafting included!

Today, I wanted to share with you all the "Family Alphabet Scrapbook".  Between my husband and I, we have close family who live in a couple different states (and of course, dear husband's immediate family lives in OR...so far away...booo).  I want our son (and future children if we are blessed with more), to know all of these amazing people in our lives!  So, I've been working in my extremely spare (this has been done since oh Christmas break...so!) on this book.  I have just the last few letters to complete.  Some letters we have to wait on baby to arrive! 

How To:
1.  Hubs and I had the alphabet listed out on a piece of paper and slowly over a month we filled out what we wanted to include as it came to mind (this way we couldn't forget anyone/thing). 
2.  Then, on Microsoft Publisher I made all the 'labels'
3.  I picked out all the pictures, printed....and cut to fit on the desired Alphabet page.
4.  Assembled :)

This was a fairly simple process and I adore the outcome.  I can't wait to start 'reading' and or looking at this with our little one!  He will have to just feel the love coming off the pages from all the sweet family faces. 

Now, the hardest part was having all the letters 'covered'.  Luckily, we have in our family a W and a V etc.  However, there were some more difficult letters.  If you plan on making one of these and are stressing about some of the letters you have nothing for....ask me and I'll see if I have any ideas or ones I used!  

Hints: we used 1st names, last names, important locations, family relationships (mom/dad/aunts/cousins...etc)....

I'll include some pictures of this project....but not EVERY letter (that'd be a little crazy..ha) 
~Hope you enjoy~



DIY Burlap and Twine Name

Again, this project was simple and very do-able!
I started these one evening and since I did Lukas's WHOLE name it took longer than expected to 'twine' them, but in the end they look great.

I had help from one of my best friends, Lisa, who glued/twined a couple letters for me one evening ..YAHOO!

I saw the original tutorial over at The Johnston's blog (can't take credit..I love her style) and knew it would work perfectly in the nursery!  She, however, only did just one letter...much faster ;)

Up Close

..The whole display..

Overall view!
One dilemma for us was where to put these in the nursery. 

1. hang up 
2. set on top of a shelf/dresser etc

Luckily, the answer came once we hung up the shelf unit...ON TOP!
They are just sitting there and no hanging was required...perfection.



Proud Grandparents Wall Shelf and Pillow

oh how I love my parents...
They are both very crafty themselves and made some amazing things for little Luke!
.truly blessed.

My father made this black wall shelving unit to match the nursery furniture
(and helped us hang it.. a definite chore)

My mother made as gifts some awesome pillows! We were having trouble finding 'vintage map' fabric in the right colors, who knew that'd be so difficult.  We ended up finding a BRIGHT green one and so my mom worked her magic with some 'color remover' and...

It works PERFECT in the room!
 Before we found the bright green (now perfect green) fabric my mom had attempted to print one offline and onto fabric.  She then 'aged' it and she wasn't as pleased as she had hoped.  So, as a Christmas present joke gave it to our little dog.  We, however, think it looks vintagey and perfect right where it sits! 

such sweet and thoughtful gifts
and they work perfectly in the nursery...what more could we ask for :)


"He's All Boy" Blanket and Cap {and Booties}

Thank you to This Momma Makes Stuff for some GREAT baby boy tutorials!
I made these very quickly over my Christmas break...the Cap and Blanket....and I'm in love with them.  Can't wait to deliver this little guy so he can try it on....eekk!

I'll show you in pictures, if you want to make it...go look at the wonderful tutorials from "Mamma".
4 fabrics {3 'manly' fleece and 'Minky-fur'}
Now. I machine sewed each strip down as I went, which quilted my blanky as I went...LOVE THAT!
The leopard print is cool huh! ha, it is the back of the minky fur.  I skipped the step of a cotton lining b/c of this 'leathery' leopard part.  This worked fabulously, and the leathery helped to keep the fleece in place as I went (as well as pins)
I worked left to right sewing down my strips and rolling/sewing the minky fur around
Almost done!!!
Finished: the back
the front!
Matching hat

I love the minky fur I added on there...so stinkin' cute!

ha...since I have no babies to try it on right now...ducky will have to do :)
Now, I also found a great pattern for little fleece booties at Things for Boys blog site!  I wanted to make a little set for baby {L} and again....love them!
Since he won't be walking when he will fit these I put the minky fur on the bottoms...eek!
10 weeks until due date and I get to try these sweet things on him!