Nursery Wall Decor

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and thanks of course!
I created a HUGE and overwhelming list of things to do while on break.  I did NOT get them all done, however, am still trying my best!  I wanted to share with you today one wall of the nursery for our little one coming in March '12. 
This was inspired by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (I'm completely obsessed with their stuff):


Mind you our theme is COMPLETELY different from the picture seen above...but notice the lovely sheet music frames adorning the walls?!
I found an AMAZING deal on black frames and it took a while to measure and hang perfectly, but I adore the final look!  I made sure to purchase large enough frames because I want to be able to display many different things as they come our way {his artwork/baby announcements/pictures...etc}

I'm still drooling over the furniture...love it!  The candle is the unity candle from our wedding!  You can't see it very well, but the metal airlplane under the light was made by my grandpa MANY years ago.

..Top Row..

..Bottom Row..
 I will admit, I'm not 100% sure this wall is 'done', but as for now it will be! If you noticed in the top middle picture frame we've decided on the name Lukas Michael! His middle name is my father's 1st name and my middle name is Michelle...keeping it in the family!  I am thrilled he is a little boy to carry on our last name..whew (my husband is the only boy in his family so I made it a mission of mine to make sure we have at least one boy to carry it on!)

Hopefully I'll be able to show you the other walls soon...I'm working on a painted mural and this will tell you our final theme! It is ALMOST done...eekk!  I'm trying to squeeze every minute from every day...wish me luck!




HOLY MOLY its been a while huh! Just wanted to pass along the news of where I've been.  I have about a bazillion crafts/art things I've been doing just haven't had a second to upload and tell you about them!  Hopefully, here soon something will be up :)  I've got some important news that most of you already know about...ha...

I'll switch to a better picture once I'm able!
Yup...I'm 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant! This summer I was spending most of my time with "John" and revisiting my delcious meals (in which I wasn't preparing--ha!).  Now, I feel great most of the time and working outish and dancing as if I was 'normal'. 
I'll post more stuff when I grab a chance...
p.s. I'm a full time teacher...started my masters....and pregnant  (wife/sister/friend....as well of course) so my time is FULL....