re-color my world...casa de kate

My living room/hallway have been this tan/flesh tone since I've moved in (4 years ago). I have always had other rooms at the top of the priority paint list! Now, these two rooms have needed touch ups, thanks to the prior owners, but I knew I'd eventually paint the rooms when the right color picked me!

I've never had any color scream at me....until NOW (and I'm excited...)
My husband was dying to get a rug for the living room and we found one at Ikea we liked.  Well, upon returning home, and putting the new fresh smelling rug into the room...it was a "where has your color wheel been?!", this room NEEDS to be a grey color!!!

new rug...old color
Hallway (with decor already down)

Can't wait to actually put some paint on the wall! I'm in the process of removing decor/cleaning the walls/taping off.  I have all the supplies and the motivation!
Can't wait to show you all the final outcome.
I'm all for new color and the fresh paint smell and look!

This is the new color:

Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Nimbus Cloud Interior Paint Tester # MSL262
However, when I hold up my little paint chip next to this on the computer...mine is WAY lighter..so?!

This is a room someone else had painted in the same shade (I believe) and I'm inspired!

Hoping the finished product can be shown SOON!



calling all CURLY girls...

Curly Girl: The Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook [Book]

My short story:
   {baby} my momma could just get my hair wet and wrap it around her finger and it'd be curly
   {circa 7th grade} my hair (length: down to my butt) was getting frizzy!? My hilarious mom,
                               who by the way does NOT have curly hair, took me to a stylist to see how we
                               could remedy this problem.  The stylist said " HA, well she is blessed with
                               curly hair?!"  WHO KNEW!
   {circa 9th grade} a classmate told me I had "fake curls"...whatever that means?! 
                               But, I still embraced what I had and had fun experimenting!
   {circa then to now}  I would straighten and curl my hair..using all the 'normal' products.
                                     I rarely wear my hair in the same style from day to day...I get BORED!
   {circa a week ago} I saw this book and thought...sure I'll read it, what can it hurt. 
                                   Since then I've taken a whole new approach with my hair (my hubby has
                                   joined in this venture as well).  I highly recommend any curly haired
                                   person to read this and learn a new technique! I have seen a difference,
                                   and LOVE the new gel I'm using!  For those people in Cincy, OH; Susan's
                                   Natural World sells great all natural products for this technique!

Lorraine Massey: Author
{I WANT HER HAIR.period}

Has anyone tried this style technique....I want to hear your story...OR if you haven't yet and do try it...I want to hear how it is going :)



Oregon Summer.2011

Oh how this state takes your breath away. My husband, Geoff, grew up in OR and so we went back for a family visit.  We were there for 12 glorious days...and filled it up with so many great memories! 
Checked off my list:
~ Spend time at the beach
~ Drive up to the mountians (we listened to Glee and Wicked the whole way up..my hubby loves me)
~ Bike ride (every day)
~ Shop in Sisters, OR (adorable little town)
~ Obviously GREAT family time, love them!
~ Schwerzler family slide show.....makes me nostalgic and wish slides were still around...FUN!
~ Annual movie trip with Geoff & Father-in-law :) (and movie with the Navarro girls-empty theatre!)
~ Horseback riding (mine was named Pawnee...which show is this from?!?!)
~ Canoeing (TOTALLY different than canoeing here in OH....so coooooooolllllll)
~ Saw Mt. Hood (where The Shining was filmed)
~ Day trip to Portland....and shopping....and MY FAVORITE STORE....Paper Source (not one in OH)
~ Hot tubing
~ Light tanning from beautiful sun
~ Teaching the twins to drive (well, Geoff did.....I videoed!!!)
~ Pool time including slides!
~ Delicious food....yum
~ Visiting Geoff's grandma (GG) and Aunt Jeanie...love them....hilarious!
~ Worked on my spanish :)
~ Geoff's sister made CD's out of old tape recordings..of little Geoff making up creative stories {love}
~ So much more, I'm KNOW I didn't list them all......

I was filled with relaxation/good times to last me for a little bit.  I have so much to be greatful and thankful for!   Love the great state of OR, who wants to go with us next time!
Lincolin City Beach

local Sunriver, OR deer, gorgeous creature

bike path views....breath-taking

Sister's Mountins

another bike path view...mmmm

Mt. Hood

.the shining. hallway of twins...creeeppppyyy

saw To Mater...and the movie: Cars 2

Geoff and his sister Angie outside my store...miss it already

ferry ride....catch the rainbow!

bike riding (breaking ALL rules....oops)

I want to white water raft again! ha
This is just a SMALL selection of photos....again, I highly reccomend OR as a vacation spot..or really a place to set some roots!



Distressed Furniture {sigh...}

Oh how I love to re-invent things...and Oh how my hubby rolls his eyes with a smirk and a kiss!
I will, however, put it out there that he loves to re-arrange furniture...so we all have our quirks!

I have been starring at a specific piece of furniture for oh...4 years and have always wanted to do something to it, but was never struck with the 'AH-HA, just do it' bug!

Until June of 2011...
I finally got 'bit' and got to it. This only took me oh....maybe 4 hours (of here and there working)!?

...and it began...
start-all drawers were pulled out

primer/paint in one (love)

post distressing (sanded/antiqued)
getting a couple thin layers of poly

...Final Product...

Sorry I had to use a flash...it's late at night...however, I think it gives you a feel...I adore it! I'll try to post better pictures once it's daytime!


{Independence Day}

Happy 4th to you all!
I'm in OR right now and loving every minute...ahhh such a beautiful state!

Anywho, I'm going to post some inspiration from my Memorial Day family dinner that will 100% work for your July 4th festivities :)

add a little decor

create a fun table

make a little something special (those are white chocolate homeade cups)

have fun with presentation!

add some color here and there (other than R.W.B.)

make the napkin a little more fun than usual

always make sure to spread a little extra cheer on these fun holidays!!




Jewelry Tree

Oh how I love jewelry...chunky, vintage, pearls, silver, petite, just love it all.  I have always drooled over Pottery Barns jewelry trees (and absolutely HATED the cost).

Branch Jewelry StandTaj Mahal Jewelry TowerVintage Metal Necklace Stand

and others:

So, a long time ago, one of my best friends Stacy and I created our own:

and I love it....

So, this year for Tracy and Erin (sister-in-law) I made two more for each their birthdays! Now I simplified the look and actually might like it better?!

I even, to make them look professional, added felt to the bottom as to keep from scratching furniture..

.be inspired. Post pictures of your jewelry organization ideas!
{If I get enough interest I will post a tutorial}


Contemporary Art Center {Cincinnati, OH}

The Contemporary Arts Center is a fabulous 'museum' located in downtown Cincy! It has such amazing art and talent inside it's walls.  An old and dear friend of mine introduced me to One Night/One Craft which is held at the CAC.  I was INSTANTLY hooked...I unfortunately missed the first two (due to my crazy lack of knowing this existed). However, I have attended the last two and plan on going to the rest...and I am very excited about some!!! 

Here is the info if you are interested:

DIY sessions for grown-ups!
Learn cool new skills this summer with crash courses at the CAC.
Embroidery • Printmaking • Book-binding ...and more
Learn something new in 2 hours. It's like the coolest crafting camp or an olde tyme trade apprenticeship without the bugs, the hassles of a sleepover, or the 10 year learning curve.
Meet others with common interests. This isn't your grandmother's crafting circle (or if it is, your grandma's awesome). This is CAC-style DIY: fresh, engaging and social. This is where you can come together to share resources and knowledge and to build and make cool things.
No commitment. No fees. Just fun.
Time: 6-8pm
Dates: June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (see schedule below)
Fee: CAC admission is FREE on Monday evenings, but where noted select classes have a $5 material fee.

June 6 Pam Kravetz / embroidery
June 13 The Shiny Brites / wet & needle felting
June 20 Radha Chandrashekaran / Kalamkari: fabric decorating
June 27 Annie Stephens / book-making
July 4 NO CLASS...enjoy your holiday!
July 11 Anne Ducharme / sumi-e ink painting & yoga poses
July 18 VisuaLingual / seed bombs
July 25 Joel Armor & Joe Civitello / wood-working & image transfer
August 1 Judy Dominic / mud cloth
August 8 Cincy Craft Cartel / personalized magnets
August 15 Sneha Nirody / henna tattoos
August 22 Jessica Wolf / paper-craft

CLASS 2: Bethany's (old and dear friend) felted ball necklace

CLASS 3: Bethany's Indian Fabric design

Myself using the homeade 'brush' (really, REALLY cool.)

My own Indian Fabric design

CLASS 4: Book binding class

Final books...I can't wait to use it for something special! Now to decorate the cover?!
Normally, on Monday nights I'm at dance class (which I adore deeply). However, it is summer hiatis and now I'm free to take these classes..YIPEE!  Hope to see you there...