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Curly Girl: The Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook [Book]

My short story:
   {baby} my momma could just get my hair wet and wrap it around her finger and it'd be curly
   {circa 7th grade} my hair (length: down to my butt) was getting frizzy!? My hilarious mom,
                               who by the way does NOT have curly hair, took me to a stylist to see how we
                               could remedy this problem.  The stylist said " HA, well she is blessed with
                               curly hair?!"  WHO KNEW!
   {circa 9th grade} a classmate told me I had "fake curls"...whatever that means?! 
                               But, I still embraced what I had and had fun experimenting!
   {circa then to now}  I would straighten and curl my hair..using all the 'normal' products.
                                     I rarely wear my hair in the same style from day to day...I get BORED!
   {circa a week ago} I saw this book and thought...sure I'll read it, what can it hurt. 
                                   Since then I've taken a whole new approach with my hair (my hubby has
                                   joined in this venture as well).  I highly recommend any curly haired
                                   person to read this and learn a new technique! I have seen a difference,
                                   and LOVE the new gel I'm using!  For those people in Cincy, OH; Susan's
                                   Natural World sells great all natural products for this technique!

Lorraine Massey: Author
{I WANT HER HAIR.period}

Has anyone tried this style technique....I want to hear your story...OR if you haven't yet and do try it...I want to hear how it is going :)


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Heather said...

This book is on my list at the library....sooo excited! And, yes ... I want my hair to look exactly like hers!!!