Nursery "Mobile" Hot Air Balloon

In keeping with our nursery theme "Welcome to the World" I wanted to make a hot air balloon mobile.  After lots of researching, imagination, and inspiration I decided to base my design off good ole Martha.  So, for step by step instructions click on the link below:

I will say I decorated mine different and of course made a different basket at the bottom!
I will let you take a look at the pictures of the process!

Paper Macheing the balloon
(this was on Thanksgiving Day and setting up Christmas..understand the background please!)

For my third layer I used triangular cut pieces of vintage postcard scrapbook paper

My dad has this beautiful collection (from his childhood) of stamps.....I used these for decor on the balloon!
I am one lucky woman! I loved just looking at these relics :)

Balloon is twined and 'stamped'

....Hot Air Balloon is flying..

Handmade Basket
{see below for instructions}

...Hope Lukas loves looking at this while rocking in the chair...

Basket Directions:
Now, I have to give my husband credit for original idea and aide, without him who knows what this would look like...for real!
1. Cut out an open cube net and fold design side in (so it will show when looking into the basket)
2. Starting at the base center glue down twine in a circular pattern.
3. When you arrive at the square sides: glue down twine while wrapping around the basket until you reach the top.
4. On each side glue down the twine in an "X" pattern.
5.  Attach the basket to the balloon (using hot glue) from the hanging pieces of twine. (this might take 2 people in order to make it easier).
6. Tie all 4 pieces of twine in a knot beneath the basket


We love this piece of the nursery and it was fun to create. 


Oregon Advent Tree

As I have mentioned my hubs is from OR!
This year the school fundraiser prize was keychain rubberDUCKS!
The University of Oregon, where my hubs attended for his undergrad degree, mascot is the DUCKS!
Geoff and I collect rubber ducks (as long as it has some sort of meaning...we do NOT just buy rubberducks for the fun of it).  We store them in the shower/tub so one day our children will have TONs of fun ducks to play with at bath time ;)
Anyway, I was so excited when I saw all the bazillion little rubber duck prizes and with the help of my fellow co-workers and some students I collected enough so that I could put together a FUN advent for my dear OR lover hubs!
..Here is the final tree.. 
He loves it....and so do I....and I KNOW it will be great fun for our little ones someday to assemble!

..Topper.. (OR 'DR.')
Handmade Tree Skirt
..Finished Tree..
upclose shot

again upclose so you can see the different ducks...ha!
..Merry Christmas..
Thanks to my fellow co-workers for your 'duck donations'...we heart our tree!



Christmas Stockings {hung with care}

I've been wanting to make stockings for oh 5 years....
Last year at Targets after Christmas sale I saw these gorgeous white with ribbon ones...I knew I wanted to embellish them for our own! I, also, purchased the silver monogram letters then as well.

Supplies I had ready...Those are felted balls to the left

Stockings completed

Geoff's Stocking

My {kate} Stocking

To make these I used a fusible interfacing.  I drew (backwards) each design and then ironed it onto my felt.  Then I cut each piece out (mine was tedious...dear Santa) and with my mothers SMALL irons, I attached each piece to the stocking.  This was to not ruin the white pelt of the original stocking. 
To make the garland pieces, I used a special felted wool needle and strung my felted balls onto thread.
I adore them!
Now, Geoff's has a special meaning (in my opinion).  He was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon, which is known for its Douglas Fir Trees (which are gorgeous).  So, I decided it was appropriate to make his a douglas fir Christmas tree...and I love his (more than mine). 
..Merry Christmas..
p.s. I did purchase a silver letter "L" for our new addition next year at Target after Christmas sale ;)


Family Height Chart

I love the tradition of being meausured each year on your birthday (or other days really) and marking it down on the side of a wall/door/whatever!  So, I wanted to make a measuring device for our newest member arriving in March to start off right!  I, also, made one for my brother's family {Christmas Gift}  which looks very similar :)
I wanted to originally make a floor mat where we'd put all of our children's footprints, but that plan was foiled.  So, I decided to combine the height chart with footprints!

I marked evey 1/2 in, 1 in, and feet.
I stained it with a wash (paint and water) I did a lighter color, let it dry and then a darker color.
I used a black sharpie for the markings and black paint and stencils for the #s
Ask me if you want details on how I did the quote :)

We plan on printing each childs footprint up the side as they arive home (we'll see how many we have...ha!)

This had to be custom created due to the light switch (as you can see).  I think it turned out with the best possible senario!
Love it! Now, if we ever move...lets hope the light switch height is standard...eekk!
-note to my bro- if you'd like a quote added to yours...let me know

Nursery Handpainted Mural {part 2}

ok...I wasn't totally pleased and had to still play with my mural :)
Yesterday, I finished it up and now I think I'll be done (we'll see...)
So, I dry brushed it with a darker brown to give it more of an antique look....hope you like it!

DONE! We've also hung a globe from the over head fan as you can see above!

Eastern Hemisphere

Western Hemisphere


Nursery Handpainted Mural


This is our nursery theme for baby Luke.  I hope in the years to come he appreciates it and loves his room as much as we do!  So, we are doing a vintage world map idea and many projects are still in the works...for one, his mobile...I LOVE!!! It is almost done and I can't wait to show you all....can't wait!

Over Thanksgiving Break I finished the 1st part of the wall mural.  I'll show you the progress in pictures! I've not had a chance to 'beautify' these shots..so keep in mind colors might be a bit off due to flash/no flash/day/night/etc!

Before and Blank

Drew on the Map (it is with white chalk and kinda hard for you to see....it is there!!)
This is Sans-Crib Skirt as well...

Made a "paint option board"...My sweet husband primed/painted the green background color for me
How I did it.....I had my mother/puppy/husband/dad watching me (dad/hubby were in and out doing other jobs)

{South America}

Now, only part of the process is done here in this picture...Only Australia and Africa had been 'techniqued' at this point...still no border or final antiquing...

Final look {as of now} with flash...and you can see our FABULOUS crib!

No flash picture...This is taken from the doorway!
Now, like I said I've not antiqued/browned up the mural yet.  Trying to teach/grade/masters projects/Christmas prep....this has been put to the wayside (boo).  My plan is to complete it over Christmas Break! 
P.S. This was painted (almost all of it) on Thanksgiving Day while I was preping dinner for the family...multi-tasking at its finest! 
I can not wait to finish it and antique it up!
Also, as you can see in the pictures our curtains are like a burlap fabric.  If you look at the frame post, I backed each one with burlap.  Burlap=world travel fabric...right :)  So, many room elements will contain BURLAP.  My mother and I designed the crib skirt out of burlap.  In my momma's free time she created it and it matches the curtains perfectly! GRACIAS....you can see it in the last picture.  Still do not have sheets for the crib so ignore the matress (thanks Linda!)
Next up is our mobile....like I said before....LOVE IT.
Can you guess what the mobile may be now that you know the 'theme'!??!