Nursery Handpainted Mural


This is our nursery theme for baby Luke.  I hope in the years to come he appreciates it and loves his room as much as we do!  So, we are doing a vintage world map idea and many projects are still in the works...for one, his mobile...I LOVE!!! It is almost done and I can't wait to show you all....can't wait!

Over Thanksgiving Break I finished the 1st part of the wall mural.  I'll show you the progress in pictures! I've not had a chance to 'beautify' these shots..so keep in mind colors might be a bit off due to flash/no flash/day/night/etc!

Before and Blank

Drew on the Map (it is with white chalk and kinda hard for you to see....it is there!!)
This is Sans-Crib Skirt as well...

Made a "paint option board"...My sweet husband primed/painted the green background color for me
How I did it.....I had my mother/puppy/husband/dad watching me (dad/hubby were in and out doing other jobs)

{South America}

Now, only part of the process is done here in this picture...Only Australia and Africa had been 'techniqued' at this point...still no border or final antiquing...

Final look {as of now} with flash...and you can see our FABULOUS crib!

No flash picture...This is taken from the doorway!
Now, like I said I've not antiqued/browned up the mural yet.  Trying to teach/grade/masters projects/Christmas prep....this has been put to the wayside (boo).  My plan is to complete it over Christmas Break! 
P.S. This was painted (almost all of it) on Thanksgiving Day while I was preping dinner for the family...multi-tasking at its finest! 
I can not wait to finish it and antique it up!
Also, as you can see in the pictures our curtains are like a burlap fabric.  If you look at the frame post, I backed each one with burlap.  Burlap=world travel fabric...right :)  So, many room elements will contain BURLAP.  My mother and I designed the crib skirt out of burlap.  In my momma's free time she created it and it matches the curtains perfectly! GRACIAS....you can see it in the last picture.  Still do not have sheets for the crib so ignore the matress (thanks Linda!)
Next up is our mobile....like I said before....LOVE IT.
Can you guess what the mobile may be now that you know the 'theme'!??!


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