Nursery "Mobile" Hot Air Balloon

In keeping with our nursery theme "Welcome to the World" I wanted to make a hot air balloon mobile.  After lots of researching, imagination, and inspiration I decided to base my design off good ole Martha.  So, for step by step instructions click on the link below:

I will say I decorated mine different and of course made a different basket at the bottom!
I will let you take a look at the pictures of the process!

Paper Macheing the balloon
(this was on Thanksgiving Day and setting up Christmas..understand the background please!)

For my third layer I used triangular cut pieces of vintage postcard scrapbook paper

My dad has this beautiful collection (from his childhood) of stamps.....I used these for decor on the balloon!
I am one lucky woman! I loved just looking at these relics :)

Balloon is twined and 'stamped'

....Hot Air Balloon is flying..

Handmade Basket
{see below for instructions}

...Hope Lukas loves looking at this while rocking in the chair...

Basket Directions:
Now, I have to give my husband credit for original idea and aide, without him who knows what this would look like...for real!
1. Cut out an open cube net and fold design side in (so it will show when looking into the basket)
2. Starting at the base center glue down twine in a circular pattern.
3. When you arrive at the square sides: glue down twine while wrapping around the basket until you reach the top.
4. On each side glue down the twine in an "X" pattern.
5.  Attach the basket to the balloon (using hot glue) from the hanging pieces of twine. (this might take 2 people in order to make it easier).
6. Tie all 4 pieces of twine in a knot beneath the basket


We love this piece of the nursery and it was fun to create. 


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