{about us}

It worked for Lewis and Clark, Lennon and McCartney, and Ben and Jerry so we figured “Why not?” We are two unique individuals that share fervor for life, trying new things, and enjoying the process along the way. We revel in the abundance of inspiration that lives in art, culture, music, food, and people. From taking tap classes together, painting murals, cleaning the insides of an elevator shaft, and wedding planning, our friendship has created abiding memories. We hope this weekly commentary infuses your life between our little morsels of random thoughts, inventions, art, recipes, adventures, and the permission to be your most silly, random, sparkly, beautiful, and authentic self!

:: TRACY ::
Loves :
1. Kirk, my husband

2. traveling (next stop: India)

3. art and music

4. collecting random things

5. seizing the day!
:: KATE ::

1. (of course) Husband Geoff

2. Amazing scents....food, changing seasons, etc

3. small (and LARGE) accomplishments
4. To dance
5. Life itself...