DIY: Cuddle Onsie

I love the cuddle fabrics...so soft and baby friendly it seems.
I saw one of these in a high end store and thought...I could 100% easily make this...so I did!

It took a short amount of time and personally I find it adorable!

I purchased some long sleeve onesies and thought about cutting it in 1/2, but decided to leave it in one piece.  This way I can still snap him into it easily and keep the top part on him in place!

Non-Detailed Instructions
(if I have some requests I'll post better ones)

I cut the blue cuddle fabric into a big rectangle and made a tube.

I then sewed the rectangle right below the armpits.

Lastly, after making a 'roll' for the elastic...fed the elastic through the bottom and finished it off!


Waiting patiently for a baby to put it on!


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