Baby Burp Cloths

I'm all about making my baby accessories (that aren't so appealing like burp cloths) adorable!

My mom made me 2 and I whipped up a couple others....

All you have to do is sew down some items (ribbon/fabric) and then wash to make them nice, wrinkled, and loved.

These were a quick way to appease my craft meditation time!

By: Kristy Soard (momma) to match the quilt she created for L!

By: Kristy Soard ( momma) this is the terry cloth back

GO OREGON DUCKS (my hubs requested an OR one...so I had to comply-right!)
by: me (not washed yet)

By: Kristy Soard (momma) for baby boy L

by: me

by: me (ribbon from my friend Lisa)

I love the washed/worn look, and we can't wait to burp our little one on these cuties :)


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