Christmas Stockings {hung with care}

I've been wanting to make stockings for oh 5 years....
Last year at Targets after Christmas sale I saw these gorgeous white with ribbon ones...I knew I wanted to embellish them for our own! I, also, purchased the silver monogram letters then as well.

Supplies I had ready...Those are felted balls to the left

Stockings completed

Geoff's Stocking

My {kate} Stocking

To make these I used a fusible interfacing.  I drew (backwards) each design and then ironed it onto my felt.  Then I cut each piece out (mine was tedious...dear Santa) and with my mothers SMALL irons, I attached each piece to the stocking.  This was to not ruin the white pelt of the original stocking. 
To make the garland pieces, I used a special felted wool needle and strung my felted balls onto thread.
I adore them!
Now, Geoff's has a special meaning (in my opinion).  He was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon, which is known for its Douglas Fir Trees (which are gorgeous).  So, I decided it was appropriate to make his a douglas fir Christmas tree...and I love his (more than mine). 
..Merry Christmas..
p.s. I did purchase a silver letter "L" for our new addition next year at Target after Christmas sale ;)


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