Family Height Chart

I love the tradition of being meausured each year on your birthday (or other days really) and marking it down on the side of a wall/door/whatever!  So, I wanted to make a measuring device for our newest member arriving in March to start off right!  I, also, made one for my brother's family {Christmas Gift}  which looks very similar :)
I wanted to originally make a floor mat where we'd put all of our children's footprints, but that plan was foiled.  So, I decided to combine the height chart with footprints!

I marked evey 1/2 in, 1 in, and feet.
I stained it with a wash (paint and water) I did a lighter color, let it dry and then a darker color.
I used a black sharpie for the markings and black paint and stencils for the #s
Ask me if you want details on how I did the quote :)

We plan on printing each childs footprint up the side as they arive home (we'll see how many we have...ha!)

This had to be custom created due to the light switch (as you can see).  I think it turned out with the best possible senario!
Love it! Now, if we ever move...lets hope the light switch height is standard...eekk!
-note to my bro- if you'd like a quote added to yours...let me know

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