Oregon Advent Tree

As I have mentioned my hubs is from OR!
This year the school fundraiser prize was keychain rubberDUCKS!
The University of Oregon, where my hubs attended for his undergrad degree, mascot is the DUCKS!
Geoff and I collect rubber ducks (as long as it has some sort of meaning...we do NOT just buy rubberducks for the fun of it).  We store them in the shower/tub so one day our children will have TONs of fun ducks to play with at bath time ;)
Anyway, I was so excited when I saw all the bazillion little rubber duck prizes and with the help of my fellow co-workers and some students I collected enough so that I could put together a FUN advent for my dear OR lover hubs!
..Here is the final tree.. 
He loves it....and so do I....and I KNOW it will be great fun for our little ones someday to assemble!

..Topper.. (OR 'DR.')
Handmade Tree Skirt
..Finished Tree..
upclose shot

again upclose so you can see the different ducks...ha!
..Merry Christmas..
Thanks to my fellow co-workers for your 'duck donations'...we heart our tree!


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