"He's All Boy" Blanket and Cap {and Booties}

Thank you to This Momma Makes Stuff for some GREAT baby boy tutorials!
I made these very quickly over my Christmas break...the Cap and Blanket....and I'm in love with them.  Can't wait to deliver this little guy so he can try it on....eekk!

I'll show you in pictures, if you want to make it...go look at the wonderful tutorials from "Mamma".
4 fabrics {3 'manly' fleece and 'Minky-fur'}
Now. I machine sewed each strip down as I went, which quilted my blanky as I went...LOVE THAT!
The leopard print is cool huh! ha, it is the back of the minky fur.  I skipped the step of a cotton lining b/c of this 'leathery' leopard part.  This worked fabulously, and the leathery helped to keep the fleece in place as I went (as well as pins)
I worked left to right sewing down my strips and rolling/sewing the minky fur around
Almost done!!!
Finished: the back
the front!
Matching hat

I love the minky fur I added on there...so stinkin' cute!

ha...since I have no babies to try it on right now...ducky will have to do :)
Now, I also found a great pattern for little fleece booties at Things for Boys blog site!  I wanted to make a little set for baby {L} and again....love them!
Since he won't be walking when he will fit these I put the minky fur on the bottoms...eek!
10 weeks until due date and I get to try these sweet things on him!

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Nick and Kelly Robbe said...

You are killing me!!! This stuff is AMAZING!