DIY Burlap and Twine Name

Again, this project was simple and very do-able!
I started these one evening and since I did Lukas's WHOLE name it took longer than expected to 'twine' them, but in the end they look great.

I had help from one of my best friends, Lisa, who glued/twined a couple letters for me one evening ..YAHOO!

I saw the original tutorial over at The Johnston's blog (can't take credit..I love her style) and knew it would work perfectly in the nursery!  She, however, only did just one letter...much faster ;)

Up Close

..The whole display..

Overall view!
One dilemma for us was where to put these in the nursery. 

1. hang up 
2. set on top of a shelf/dresser etc

Luckily, the answer came once we hung up the shelf unit...ON TOP!
They are just sitting there and no hanging was required...perfection.


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