Proud Grandparents Wall Shelf and Pillow

oh how I love my parents...
They are both very crafty themselves and made some amazing things for little Luke!
.truly blessed.

My father made this black wall shelving unit to match the nursery furniture
(and helped us hang it.. a definite chore)

My mother made as gifts some awesome pillows! We were having trouble finding 'vintage map' fabric in the right colors, who knew that'd be so difficult.  We ended up finding a BRIGHT green one and so my mom worked her magic with some 'color remover' and...

It works PERFECT in the room!
 Before we found the bright green (now perfect green) fabric my mom had attempted to print one offline and onto fabric.  She then 'aged' it and she wasn't as pleased as she had hoped.  So, as a Christmas present joke gave it to our little dog.  We, however, think it looks vintagey and perfect right where it sits! 

such sweet and thoughtful gifts
and they work perfectly in the nursery...what more could we ask for :)


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