re-color my world...casa de kate

My living room/hallway have been this tan/flesh tone since I've moved in (4 years ago). I have always had other rooms at the top of the priority paint list! Now, these two rooms have needed touch ups, thanks to the prior owners, but I knew I'd eventually paint the rooms when the right color picked me!

I've never had any color scream at me....until NOW (and I'm excited...)
My husband was dying to get a rug for the living room and we found one at Ikea we liked.  Well, upon returning home, and putting the new fresh smelling rug into the room...it was a "where has your color wheel been?!", this room NEEDS to be a grey color!!!

new rug...old color
Hallway (with decor already down)

Can't wait to actually put some paint on the wall! I'm in the process of removing decor/cleaning the walls/taping off.  I have all the supplies and the motivation!
Can't wait to show you all the final outcome.
I'm all for new color and the fresh paint smell and look!

This is the new color:

Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Nimbus Cloud Interior Paint Tester # MSL262
However, when I hold up my little paint chip next to this on the computer...mine is WAY lighter..so?!

This is a room someone else had painted in the same shade (I believe) and I'm inspired!

Hoping the finished product can be shown SOON!


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Kristy said...

I am excited about the new color...I think it will be fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it all done!!