Wedding Season. August

I love weddings and all the meaning they hold.  Wasn't Tracy and Kirk's day beautiful, such a celebration of their love!  It was so fun to re-live it in July, thanks T!  I'm going to be sharing my experiences and DIY knowledge (however much that may be) through this August 2011!

Background: Geoff joked early on in our relationship that we should just get married and the date 8.9.10 would be perfect!  Well, once we were engaged we looked up the date and it was a Monday...HA!  So we kept looking and 8.27.10 was perfect and if you add up 2+7=9....LOVE IT!

This was a Friday night and with Geoff's family all from OR and friends all over the US, we thought this would be the best day of the week.  We wanted to really spend time with everyone without the 'stress' of the wedding...so we were able to spend quailty time with the family Saturday and Sunday!  I do want to re-thank everyone who took off work for our wedding.....it wouldn't have been the same without you.  We were very blessed with such generous people surrounding us.

Once picking the date everything started rolling into place.  We got engaged in Feburary of 2010...leaving us 6 short months to prepare!  I wanted to create everything myself....for multiple reasons.
1. We set ourselves with a small, reasonable budget!
2. I enjoy creating things, and I had a lot of historical family items I wanted to use!

I hope you'll enjoy seeing how we pulled off our big event in the next month, I'm looking forward to reviewing it all a year later, with you!

After a long day of school and parent/teacher conferences, Geoff had set up a touching scavenger hunt...love him!

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