Distressed Furniture {sigh...}

Oh how I love to re-invent things...and Oh how my hubby rolls his eyes with a smirk and a kiss!
I will, however, put it out there that he loves to re-arrange furniture...so we all have our quirks!

I have been starring at a specific piece of furniture for oh...4 years and have always wanted to do something to it, but was never struck with the 'AH-HA, just do it' bug!

Until June of 2011...
I finally got 'bit' and got to it. This only took me oh....maybe 4 hours (of here and there working)!?

...and it began...
start-all drawers were pulled out

primer/paint in one (love)

post distressing (sanded/antiqued)
getting a couple thin layers of poly

...Final Product...

Sorry I had to use a flash...it's late at night...however, I think it gives you a feel...I adore it! I'll try to post better pictures once it's daytime!

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