Oregon Summer.2011

Oh how this state takes your breath away. My husband, Geoff, grew up in OR and so we went back for a family visit.  We were there for 12 glorious days...and filled it up with so many great memories! 
Checked off my list:
~ Spend time at the beach
~ Drive up to the mountians (we listened to Glee and Wicked the whole way up..my hubby loves me)
~ Bike ride (every day)
~ Shop in Sisters, OR (adorable little town)
~ Obviously GREAT family time, love them!
~ Schwerzler family slide show.....makes me nostalgic and wish slides were still around...FUN!
~ Annual movie trip with Geoff & Father-in-law :) (and movie with the Navarro girls-empty theatre!)
~ Horseback riding (mine was named Pawnee...which show is this from?!?!)
~ Canoeing (TOTALLY different than canoeing here in OH....so coooooooolllllll)
~ Saw Mt. Hood (where The Shining was filmed)
~ Day trip to Portland....and shopping....and MY FAVORITE STORE....Paper Source (not one in OH)
~ Hot tubing
~ Light tanning from beautiful sun
~ Teaching the twins to drive (well, Geoff did.....I videoed!!!)
~ Pool time including slides!
~ Delicious food....yum
~ Visiting Geoff's grandma (GG) and Aunt Jeanie...love them....hilarious!
~ Worked on my spanish :)
~ Geoff's sister made CD's out of old tape recordings..of little Geoff making up creative stories {love}
~ So much more, I'm KNOW I didn't list them all......

I was filled with relaxation/good times to last me for a little bit.  I have so much to be greatful and thankful for!   Love the great state of OR, who wants to go with us next time!
Lincolin City Beach

local Sunriver, OR deer, gorgeous creature

bike path views....breath-taking

Sister's Mountins

another bike path view...mmmm

Mt. Hood

.the shining. hallway of twins...creeeppppyyy

saw To Mater...and the movie: Cars 2

Geoff and his sister Angie outside my store...miss it already

ferry ride....catch the rainbow!

bike riding (breaking ALL rules....oops)

I want to white water raft again! ha
This is just a SMALL selection of photos....again, I highly reccomend OR as a vacation spot..or really a place to set some roots!


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dancelisag said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! Chris and I will go to Oregon with you sometime. ;) I'm so glad you get to spend time with Geoff's family.