I created this for my sweet mother! It has been on my craft table for oh....probably years, and I (well my husband really kinda inspired me to do it) decided this year was the year to finish it!

I LOVE IT....lets start at the top! (kinda wanted to keep it....)
...reminder: click on the picture to enlarge!...

mom and dad on their honeymoon

left: me right: brother, cousin, me fishing in MI

left: brother and mom right: me and mom

far left: me left: mom/dad
right: brother far right: mom/dad on honeymoon
"family tree"
 I hand painted/grained the wood and then created my picture ornaments to hang!

~happy mother's day~
.have a celebratory weekend.

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Wendys Hat said...

Years ago I had an ornament tree like this, that I made, and I would hang seasonal ornaments. I LOVE your idea of the pictures! Nice!