.Family Garden.day three.

Oh what a day...
.super soil.
.ARMM truck.
Finally the Schwerzler Family Garden is planted and ready for growth.  I'll show you in pictures of our progress today!!!!!

after my father and I picked up the super soil from Evan's Landscaping...unloading!

.spreading it out.


I'm super SUPER pumped about this green pepper starting already!!


.putting the rain barrel together.

.i'm disgusting.yet proud.
ENJOY...can't wait for my veggies/flowers/ to GROW...

we planted:

.banana pepper.
.red pepper.
.green pepper.
.yellow/orange pepper.
.a bazillion types of tomatoes.
.green beans.

Here is a better shot of the plants so we will (hopefully) see some growth comparisons soon!

.hosta and foxclove seedlings.
.right side.

.left side.


I'm in love with the color of the cabbage leaves and it's purple vine. Nature is beautiful!
{well, not really, have to attach rain barrel to the down spout and add soaker hose}

~have a happy Memorial Day weekend~

This was my morning/afternoon project, I'll post soon about my second project today...something for my school...


Anonymous said...

That looks great! I wish we could grow peppers out here in CO! I look forward to updates.


Kristin said...


You won the giveaway this month! I would contact you otherwise but I deactivated my FB account (which I'll be blogging about this evening). :o)

So, you need to email me (kristin.kauffman@yahoo.com) and tell me 1. Where you would like to spend your $25 and 2. Where I can send it!

Hopefully you get emails that tell you when people comment! Ha! ;o)