I (kate) have little fear in my life....for some reason I have always felt extremely calm and secure.  I know for many death, financial loss, etc. are huge, 'normal' (whatever normal is..ha) fears carried in our hearts in our daily lives.  However, I do not fear death itself or really for that matter most 'normal' fears (in my humble opinion).

I do have mini-fears though.  MANY mini-fears.
This specific one happens quite often in my life.

Notice the HUGE ash tree in my front yard...(which I adore)
couple fears:
1. the ash borer bug
2. it falling ONTO my mini-house...EEK!

So, when storms come a knockin', I get a frettin'
Last night I was getting very anxious about tree fear #2...
However, as you can see above my God watched out for me and my family!
I feel blessed that I only had to spend an hour or so picking up branches and limbs and not picking up pieces of my humble abode. 

I am praying deeply for those who are currently facing natural disasters and all the huge fears we carry with us every day.  Instead of focusing on the fear, focus on the positives in your life and be thankful for every blissful minute. 

I do have a family friend in my life whom I think of every time there is bad weather or something not so pleasent happening...Rob Weber! He is the #1 most positive person I have every had the pleasure of spending my time with.  I can hear his sweet voice and see his calm smile saying "Isn't it just a beautiful day, lets be thankful, bless Jesus." all the while a tornado could be blowing down the street!!

His everlasting faith and positive, thankful outlook on life is a TRUE inspiration!
Rob and his amazing wife Karen
(p.s. they have a gorgeous family of 10 children as well)
...won't lie, picking up branches wasn't necessarily 'blissful'...

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