Shower Caps?!

I made shower caps...

I know you may be thinking..."WHAT?!" they are SUPER cheap at the store, why would you make them...

my reasons:
1. I have curly hair (that I straighten sometimes)....and I don't wash my hair every day! I really disliked how with normal shower caps the hair around my face always got wet still.  They never seemed tight enough?!

2. I wanted to see if a clear one made me look more normal....

3. Companies never seem to 'finish' them properly.  The elastic eventually streched out and made the cap looser!

4. I love food shower caps for bowls.  So, I figured with the leftovers I'd make some :) AND these are clear so you can see into the bowl to see what deliciousness is inside..yum!

Draw your circles on the clear plastic (purchased at JoAnns)
Cut out the circles (I discovered it was almost impossible to use the serger with the smaller circles..oh well)

Our Epic FAIL....we (my mom and I) cut the elastic to fit our heads.  Then when we attempted to strech the elastic out to the edge around the circle....no go!  So.....

while using my mom's serger (sp?!) I pleated the plastic as I sewed around: PERFECT!

working my magic

Finished caps! They are perfect and my hair NEVER gets wet now, we'll see how long they last.. 
I do still get belly laughs from my hubby Geoff....it does kinda look like a space helmet (which is why you don't see a picture of me modeling it...hehe)!

With the other cap who wouldn't want to cover this delicious dish (p.s. one of my summer favorites-YUM)

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