.Family Garden.day two.

todays plan went south...
My father, mother and I went to the church to get the huge truck...

but, it was in use by someone else in need.  Apparently my mission wasn't supposed to happen tonight!

We were going to go to Evan's Landscaping to pick up a huge load of topsoil to fill this beautiful space (it will become even more beautiful...promise):

my sweet {G} finished this part today..prep for the topsoil
 Oh...so you noticed the new addition to the left....YAHOO!!! It is our new rain barrel, and I am pumped about it.  I never thought I'd be so exicted about something that holds water, but little things excite me! We haven't set it up totally yet, the gutter will go into the top and then we'll attach a soaker hose at the bottom.  I have no doubt this was worth the $$$.  PLUS the top part of it is also a planter :)
...purchased at Sams Club...
I have purchased plants too :) Tracy joined me for this adventure.  This trip brings back SOOO many memories for me with my dad!  As a wee little one I'd go with him to our local market to inspect and he'd teach me how to pick the perfect plants and veggies!  They look great to me and I can't wait to put them in the ground...where they belong!!

Well, instead of picking up topsoil, I worked on another project (which I will share with you next week...its is turning out really great)
I will say this little sweet thang kept me company while I worked on it!!!

...happy tuesday...

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