what have you done for your bonsai today?

Bonsai: an artistic medium originating in Japan. Broadly speaking it consists of growing a tree or shrub in a container and shaping it in an aesthetic fashion.

I (Tracy) have been interested in bonsai trees for many years. I think it stems (pun intended) from my love of art, my passion for eastern cultures, and all things green (and lets be honest, one of my favorite childhood movies, karate kid). Last year, on my birthday my brother surprised me with a bonsai and tools and books to go with it. My excitement got the best of me. I was either watering it too much, fussing with it too much, or clipping it too much and it didn't survive. I blamed it on my lack of a green thumb but was so disappointed. Kate and her husband Geoff who also share an interest in bonsai trees, witnessed the tragic event.  This year, on my 30th birthday, I was even more surprised when my brother got me another one! I figured he must have more confidence in me growing one than I do or simply didn't know what to get me! However, with my husband 's help and consistent watering strategies, we have successfully kept the bonsai alive for three months now and it is actually flourishing! Our confidence has improved and we recently purchased another bonsai so now we have two!

Meanwhile, Kate and Geoff are looking into buying a bonsai; Kate is leaning towards a fruit bonsai. Geoff has a plethora of official bonsai containers that are ready for a tree planting! Kate and I are attending our first Greater Cincinnati Bonsai Club meeting tonight. I will take my two bonsai trees and I know Kate will be ordering one soon! We are super excited about the new found information we will receive as we emBARK on this new journey!

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