Kate's Quilt {prep}

I, Kate, have been tinkering with sewing/quilting/piecing/etc....for years now with the amazing help of my oh-so-knowledgable mom (and grandma). I have never personally made a quilt, unless you count one I made for my doll's bed (which of course my father made out of wood). 

I'm going to be joining a quilters exchange group, where we will help each other create our own personal materpiece.  Each person makes one block for every person in the group and sends it back.  By the end we'll each have our own quilt that everyone helped create!  I have designed mine, and picked out fabric.  Whew! My mother, aunt, and I met up at The Fabric Shack in Wanyesville, OH this past week to start (check our their blog). 

First, I LOVE FABRIC...love it.  My mother has her stash, and I have mine...mine isn't even close to hers.  I just dream of being a fabric designer some day......hmmm!  Well, we picked out all the prints and figured out all the measurements, and cut away.  So, until the next step, enjoy looking at the gorgeous fabric!

love my greens! I tried to capture the true colors.....

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Wendys Hat said...

How fun! You will be a great quilter! I love your green fabrics. I can't wait to see it!