Baptism Bag and Bible

My (Kate) sweet nephew was baptized and I wanted to do something special for him from Geoff and I.  My mother and I spent quality time together while creating our gifts......

Here is our 1st:

Creating the "C" for the middle of the bag (stands for: Cooper/Church/Christ...)

This is my mothers craft table, I grew up with this table and it holds SO many memories.....if it could only speak-truly!

we created the bag out of Cooper's parents wedding quilt fabric....

making the handle....pull it inside out!
Mom sewing the handle on.....I adore the sewing machine!!

Bag and bible I added to the gift!

Cooper's Baptism Bag...hope he gets some good use out of it!

 His baptism day was precious and full of God's love............

I'll post later his 2nd gift from us all 

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Kristy said...

This post brings back great memories of a couple of great days...the day together making the gift and the day Cooper James was baptised. I can't wait to see the pix for the next post!