.Family Garden.day one.

As I've (Kate) mentioned before, the year of 2011 is the start of our garden! 
So, today I put on my new gloves (thanks to my secret bunny at school)...and

I hit the ground running....well, yanking/raking/cutting/wheelbarrowing....and all that comes with improvements and preparing!  Geoff joined me halfway through the process!

Scary Before.....eye sore.....check!


Rock Pile....that used to be covered in soil/vines/weeds/who knows?!

The rocks above will be placed down the center as stepping stones!  My dad and I a couple years ago started to dig in this area behind my garage and found these buried and well, that stopped my process of gardening.  However, I'm up to the challenge now since I have transformed from an Army of One to an Army of Two (thanks Geoff).
My precious company for the first 1/2!

New Wheelbarrow....LOVE IT!
....Delicious Iced Tea....

what are these....please say ants...found under a huge rock/stone...
We were going mow the lawn, but ran out of time PLUS I'm loving this site every day and can't bring myself to cut them yet:
Well, we can't wait to lay down compost and then top soil in the garden.  Of course, I'm REALLY pumped to actually plant some and eat what we sow! I'll let you know once we've achieved our next step...until then wish us lots of luck!  Let me know of any gardening secrets, as I am NOT a green thumb! 


UDoug said...

What is a "secret bunny"?

Kristy said...

I'm looking forward to reaping what you sow too!

Little Off North said...

Ha...Doug! A 'Secret Bunnny' is when we pick a name from a hat of other staffers, and for a week you send a little Spring Love Gift each morning. Then on Friday AM we have a staff bfast and reveal! I got such great stuff, and she was extremely generous. My final gift was a 3 filled herb garden and special hand shovel..super perfect for my latest endevour here!