Miracle of life and the smile of a child

With all the tosses and turns the universe throws at us......the miracle of birth / smile of a child / laughter of a youngin'...will always brings us down to Earth and prove to us what is truly important. 

1st the {L.O.N} team has been working on our first 'purchase' project!  One of our dear co-workers has a precious grandbaby and requested two paintings to give as gifts.  We LOVED working on these paintings, getting to stare at the sweet face of a child is just the medicine needed on those dreary, rainy days.  Her eyes are truly beautiful and you can see the innocence of her early years shinning out at you.

Enjoy looking :)  If you would like for us to create a painting of someone/something special, let us know!

2nd One of my (Kate) close friends had a sweet baby girl today--4.7.11, how fun is that date to say!  Her name is Cara Madalyn, 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 in long.  Her mother was a trooper through the birth and are doing well now :)  I am facinated/terrified by the ENTIRE process....and think it is one of the sweetest, most touching, moments in someones life.  I feel deeply blessed to 'take part' in such a special occasion and can't wait to see what greatness Cara will achieve.  Children are a gift from our abba Father above and it gives me goosebumps to see the amazing bond between a mother and her child....
Love you Faith and Cara!!!

Faith and Cara
Kate and Cara, had to hold the wee sweet one....

HOLY HAIR....love it!!

her 1st little peeks at the world, OR giving us a wink!!!

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