DIY Wedding {Veil and headpiece}

I knew I wanted to use vintage items for my wedding....well, since I knew what a wedding was! My mother had saved a bunch of special family wedding items and when I got engaged we looked through the collection to see what could work for mine.  I ended up using a bunch of things, however, today I want to share with you all my veil and headpiece.  My grandmother had used as a veil a white, beaded headband thing with white (since yellowed) toole. 
.Walter and Kathryn Goodin.

.Walter and Kathryn Goodin.
I loved the white beaded piece and knew I had to attempt to make it work.  I hadn't picked a dress out yet, so it was important to take it with me!  My mother was heavily involved with the following process (well, really she did it all, I was WAY TOO NERVOUS with a family heirloom).  She and I called a bunch of different services/restoration specialists.  None of them wanted to
#1 do it themselves
#2 tell us how they'd attempt it due to liabilities
One sweet man (after my mom worked her convincing magic...amazing) on the phone finally explained his ideas on restoration and my mom went to work....bless her!

Pre-Cleaning...upclose...look at that beadwork!
Days, sweat, anxiety and multiple cleaning products later we had what we wanted.

My dear bridesmaid Lisa cut the veil fabric the day of the wedding (no sweat right).  I had ordered Russian netting over the Internet (hard to find here in Cincy).  Lisa cut it for me (I was too nervous) in a big rectangle.

what a great friend....as I laugh at her...
we wrapped this around my side bun and bobby pinned it down
..Tracy putting it all together..
I loved my veil and headpiece and wouldn't change my decision for the world! I meant so much to me to have something of my grandma {who past when I was in high school} ON me for our wedding and could feel her presence and love all day.


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Heather said...

beautiful on the wedding day....and still beautiful now! LOVE the sentimentality.