Cross Country Friendship Quilters: Finished Blocks

Oh...good ole Labor Day Weekend....I spent many hours at my mother's house piecing away!  I finished all that I could: YAHOO!  I still have to put my quilt together, but it is getting closer to done (and I LOVE it)!!

I'll let you in on some of the pretty things my mom and I have created.  Please keep in mind, I am unexperienced and my mom is well: MASSIVELY experienced!
{be kind}

by: Kate {for Nancy}

by: Kristy {for Nancy}

by: Kate {for Peggy}

by: Kristy {for Peggy}

by: Kate {for mom/Kristy}

by: Everyone! {for Kate, and it's still in progress}

Enjoy! I'm proud of myself (and my sweet, knowledgable momma).


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Heather said...

Way to go little quilter!! They look beautiful!