Color Theory Inspired Portraits

It is my favorite out of ALL the elements of art.  I (Tracy) love wearing bright colors, teaching my art students the importance of color theroy in their art work, and actually just living colorfully every day!

When it was time for my sixth graders to create their self-portraits this year, I wanted to combine graphic design, color theory, and portraiture with an emphasis on IDENTITY. As a class, we have been exploring this big idea all year. They took their pictures with a digital camera. After uploading it to the computer, I had the students make the photograph black and white and at the  highest contrast. Then I printed them off for the students and using the value scale they "plugged in" their colors ( monocramatic or color families). They ALL turned out beautifully and successfully! I was so happy for them and my new lesson!

I created this lesson in autumn when Kate and I were starting to think about christmas gifts for our friends and family. I adapted the lesson into a fun art project for us and we had a great time creating the following paintings for our family members.  Inspired by children, color, and pop art, these portraits simplify and emphasize at the same time what is important.  There is a beautiful saying, " sometimes less IS more!"

My ( Tracy) brother, Timothy.
I wanted a bold, masculine feeling so I chose a raw black and white value scale.

My brother, Timothy and me (Tracy).
This was a gift for my Mother for christmas. It was an oblong canvas which added to its uniqueness. It was 2' x 6' and I chose the red tones to coordinate with my parents' living room.

My ( Tracy) Papa, Thomas.
 I found a picture from his yearbook when he played basketball at Xavier University. I gave this to him at christmas time, too and the reaction was priceless. Xavier basketball and his experience playing on the team holds a special place in his heart.  I choose Xavier blue, of course! I like the emphasis of his hands on the basketball.

Kate and Gizmo
Kate painted this adorable portrait of her and her dog, Gizmo for her husband, Geoff for christmas. It turned out beautifully! She chose red tones for their 'red room' and it looks amazing in there.

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