dancer...infant style (..headband tutorial..)

One of my (Kate's) dear dancing friends is adorably pregnant!!! She is expecting a little sweet girl and I wanted to create something for them to enjoy.  First, I had some ballerina baby socks....check.  I found little dancer onesies at Target...check.  Then I created this precious infant headband:

Infant Headband Tutorial
Step One:
        I investigated online infant head circumference's and found for babies 0-3 months 13" works.  This measurement includes the overlap.  I found this shimmery soft elastic at Jo-Ann Fabric...love it!!! I bought extra b/c it is so great! Anyway, I did a small overlap and machine sewed like three times to make it nice and strong!

Step Two:
       Cut out a felt circle a little larger than the width of the soft elastic.  I went with an all white theme...so?!

Step Three:
        Cut out 3 different sized circle groups of tulle....large/medium/small (you could probably do just large/medium...)  I have ~10-13 circles per group (except small I used 8).

Step Four:
        Start to layer by placing large circles first on top of your felt circle.  It is important to make sure you have a 'center' so all the tulle will be sewn to the felt eventually.  Place around the felt and again making sure an edge of the large circles hit your 'center'
       Then add your medium size circles, again keeping an eye on your 'center'!

Step Five:
       Prepare your needle and thread!  I sewed an X through the felt and tulle...see below...later you will make it more secure. 

Step Six:
      Now pick up one of your little circles and fold it in half and then half again (below I showed you both steps).  Then sew your quarter folded circles one by one and placing the point in your 'center'. 

Step Seven: 
       Sew on a cute little button directly on your center and tie off!! 

Step Eight:
       Sew your little creation onto your headband and TaDa!

I have my infant headband now made....check.  Lastly, for my fun gift, I created this infant tutu....SPEECHLESS...it is just tooooo cute!

I used this tutorial and added some of my own flair. 

My Measurements/Notes/Additions:
  • For infants 0-6 months cut waist elastic 16" overlap and sew!
  • Cut 16" piece lengths of 6" wide tulle (purchased from Michaels in spool form in wedding aisle).  These will be folded in half once knotted onto the elastic waistband. I used rotary cutter with a pinking shear design (love that tool) to cut the pieces, which gave the ends a little special touch. 
  • I only used one piece of tulle for each knot. (the tutorial above used three per knot)
  • It used basically used the whole roll of tulle (25 yards), I had only one little strip left!  I used that scrap for the headband!

I can't wait to see how it looks on a precious little one!  My baby nephew (well, his parents) might not have appreciated me trying these creations on him...hehe

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Can I please buy both? Seriously! I will stalk you at work tomorrow!