Our Little Off North team had some interesting experiments lately... 1st Bread Dough....

Bread Dough:
Bread dough is easy to work with, and it can be pinched, rolled, ruffled, and stamped. It is a delicate dough, ideal for jewelry and other small pieces. Bread dough will keep for weeks when tightly sealed and refrigerated.
Bread dough does not need a protective finish; unsealed, it resembles bisque. For a soft sheen, brush the piece with a mixture of equal amounts of water and glue. For a high gloss, brush with the glue-water mixture and let dry. Then give the pieces several coats of lacquer, letting dry between coats.
2 slices white bread
4 Tbs. white glue
Tempera paint (optional)
Remove crusts from bread and discard. Tear remaining bread into tiny pieces. Place in a bowl and add glue. Stir with a spoon until the mixture forms a ball. Knead until smooth, adding paint as desired. Shape piece; place on a foil-covered cookie sheet and let dry.
We found this to sound fabulous due to not needing a protective finish...and we love bisque....well, we weren't impressed in the end. They took FOREVER to dry and still not sure if we love the end product.  We did NOT add Tempera paint as it was optional in the recipe.  They've been 'antiqued' with some brown paint and then stamped!  What is your opinion? (Geoff wanted to eat them b/c he thought they looked like cookies...hahaha)

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