feeling the "Rain"....

I was initially hesitant to get too excited over a Beatles tribute cover band. Being a huge fan for the majority of my life, I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment.  However, within minutes I was so happy that Kate invited me to experience this creative and highly energetic show with her and her husband. I was completely impressed with how talented the members of the show were as musicians and more specifically, musicians that mirrored the refined talent of the Beatles. I respected the creativity of the graphics and visuals and how they so importantly tied the entire production together. Their costumes and mannerisms were spot on and the story/ historical flash-backs proved to create blissful nostalgia. 

Next stop... LOVE, cirque de Soleil.

hmmm Music is......

well. an integral part in our lives. love it. period.

I, Kate, was humbly gifted something beautiful and exciting...tickets to the one night Aronoff showing of Rain.

I had seen this potential evening in early January and was considering purchasing tickets.  Geoff LOVES The Beatles and I have always had a special place in my heart for them from a young age due to my Dad's fabulous taste in music (amazing band).  Anyway, long story short...we didn't buy them....When the opportunity came to be I knew this would be an inspiring evening.  Geoff, Tracy, Heidi, and myself had a delicious dinner out and just soaked up the sounds and images. 

Well, needless to say it was so great to get out and enjoy ourselves....we couldn't stop singing the next week...well, still!!! What was so enthralling was not only were they a great group, but they have three HUGE screens with images scrolling across that 'match' each song...tooooo fuuunnnn....

beatles music.colors.friends.dancing.graphics.people.getting on the big screen.history.seeing a young student.tuesday night.our future.....

I will say since we are Beatles Lovers....the music inspired Geoff and I to Rockband it out the other night....the graphic on the (Xbox) game are just beautifully constructed...I tried to capture a few (not easy, and my pictures do NOT do it justice!)

Geoff(L) on guitar and Kate(R) on drums


I was singing!!!
I thought this might also be the perfect time to show off my wedding gift to Geoff...enjoy!!

Top of box
and....Geoff received this as a present years ago from one of his best friends....amazing!!!

and...ha...another batch of his pieces....love it (obviously The Beatles music has inspired our lives)

(truly just a few) Here we are (Geoff taking picture) at the Rain concert....pre-trouble for taking pictures haha!!!

Tracy and I rarely create without music to carry us along....

Check out this youtube video...Rain: John Lennon Tribute. Imagine (make sure you press pause on our player below)

This week: prep for Valentines Day....check back :)

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