Money Tree Tutorial

My (Kate) brother, Chad, turned 30 this month as well, and lets just say he isn't the easiest to buy for; therefore he didn't get this treatment!  Anyway, I did want to do something that has a little extra spunk to it than just giving him cash/gift card.  Chad is a lover of nature and this is what I over time and inspiration came up with...

Money Tree Tutorial

~Used can good (cleaned out)
~Corrugated Cardboard
~Filler (beans/rocks...)
~Hot glue
~$$$$ (I used $30...for 30th birthday)

How To:
1. First, find a branch or two outside.
2. Tape/saw and create your 'look' with your branches.
3. Base: a.Clean up a used can good.
             b.Cut your cardboard to preferred size
             c. Rip the outer layer of cardboard off to reveal inner layer
             d. Hot glue your corrugated cardboard to the clean can

             e. Place branch in base, and fill with 'filler' to the top.

             f. Accent 'base' with twine/ribbon....whatever you are feeling! I left it plain...(more of Chad's style)

Frog Origami:
Now that your base and tree are ready, time to create your money decorations! I have seen many different origami options, but I went with the good old nature frog.  Seemed fitting for Chad and they are super easy, and actually quite adorable (in my opinion).
I watched this You Tube video on how to create the origami frog and really got a hang of it......

my little army...adore them!!!
up close and personal!
------Tie your little froggers to the tree limbs sporadically-----
side note: I did have an assistant (my mom helped for some, husband for others) who aided in holding the frog on while I tied ~ thanks! Using tape or glue will damage the $ potentially......so pick your poisen...  ;)

------My mom and I were discussing how it stinks if you want to actually use the money....so #31 frog was created out of fabric by my magnificent mother......and I LOVE the little guy!  This is so if the $ needs to be used at least you'll have a mini memento!  How cool would it be to make them all out of fabric?!

fabric origami frog (by: Kristy Goodin Soard)

Happy 30th Birthday Chad
Now go create your own masterpiece.....upload pictures because we'd love to see them! This was way more fun than giving a gift card, and the reaction you'll get it is priceless.

.be inspired.

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Kristy said...

We sure made some fun memories making this for Chad!! Love you, Mom