30th Birthday Celebration

Tracy turned 30.....quite a fabulous milestone! I was brainstorming on what to get her....and well....
30 ideas later:

Gift #1--Homemade French Bread




#21-#30 (took this pix early before school..whew)
Now, I don't want this to set a precedent to all my friends and family that still have to turn 30....or anybody else's milestone birthday! Not that I don't love you all, just this idea could only work for either a 10/20/30 (40 and up is just way too much in my opinion).  I just believe in personal birthday gifts that contain a meaning.  Tracy and I both cherish the little things and I know her (I think) VERY well, so coming up with 30 things that Tracy loves was simple.
Here is the list of what was contained in each of those wrapped present of joy!

1.  French Bread-Homemade
2.  Small pencil cap squirrel
3.  Glitter Foam finger ornament
4.  Skittles Candy bag
5.  Glow Sticks
6.  St Patty Lantern
7.  Green binder clips
8.  Asian red/black bowl
9.  Yellow small stove pot
10.   Numbered mug
11.   Squirrel Dental bag/magnet
12.   White bill envelopes (because Tracy embraces old mail billing)
13.   Flower bud vase-mini
14.   “H” iron on
15.   Green file folders
16.   Rainbow bow tie pasta
17.   1st wrinkle cream (which she DOESN'T need...)
18.   eStand (glass)- to hold her new android phone or ipod!
19.   Red dot bowl
20.   Wish orange/yellow candle
21.   Cup of French Vanilla Coffee (to start of her Birthday morning)
23.   Iron on flocked letters
25.  Shreck Valentines
26.  Wine Bag
27.  Green/Orange/Glass pieces cup/vase thing!
28. Big Ben clock (travel)
29. Earring holder (black/sticks)
30. Penny for your thoughts Glass Vase!

I, of course, didn't write down 22/24...and I forget...(Tracy: do you remember..ha)
She received gifts from Monday-Wednesday, Wednesday being her actual birthday. 
Three gifts @ 6:45AM, three gifts @ 9:10AM, two gifts @ 11:45AM, and two gifts @ 3:00PM each day!
It was really fun to bring her the next group of gifts!  I just adore making people smile :)

I wish Tracy nothing but extreme happiness and I know her life will be full of sweetness, kindness, and everyday she will embrace "Carpe Diem"...

Happy 30th Tracy-love you!

#30...tried to get rid of glare...didn't happen...

"Everything I know I learned after 30"
"Penny for your Thoughts"

Happy Birthday Tracy!

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