Winter Warmies

As I, Kate, sit here watching the flickering of one of my Peace candles I am feeling blessed to have a day off work and am enjoying every flake of white snow that falls.  It is so beautiful and mesmerizing to me--love nature! 

Anyway, Tracy and I want to share with you all that brings us happiness.  One of those things is FOOD!  So, today I made homemade salsa, nothing fancy, just garden fresh salsa. It reminds me of summer/spring and gardening...gave me a glimpse of what is to come in 2011.  It is a goal of my family to create a garden this year...I'll let you know.  If you'd like the recipe, please comment!  Second, I am going to let you in on one of my favorite kitchen tools.  There are now more brands that make this spatula than in years past so they are available at more places (Target, Sur La Table) This red one makes me SO happy and makes my kitchen a fun environment for me!  It is a double ended spatula, one side is fat and the other is skinny-perfect for all jar/bowl sizes.  Also, it is SO easy to wash and can be put to the test at high temps!  It is always annoying when the stick falls out of other ones...this one doesn't have that problem. They last for such a long time...one of my loves! 

As my husband and I were getting ready to head to the gym this snowy morning, I was putting on my cold gear.  I was inspired in December to make fashionable/adorable head/ear warmers.  After I wore them a couple times, I heard they are all the rage in NY city...who knew?! I have given some of these as gifts...so lucky you if you got one--right!!!

 left: peppermint inspiration
 right: glitter flower

left: gift for my 5 nieces in OR
right: gift for my momma, she loves blue and buttons. Perfect!!


left: gift for a great friend
right: made to match my new red coat!

I purchased (cheaper to buy pre-made) the warmer and then embellished them! I used for the most part felted wool, needle, thread.  I am obsessed with felted wool right now and don't know how I've never used it before.  I bought some thrift store 100% wool sweaters and felted them.  Then I let my imagination fly! Below are some of my favorites:

"Kate shared with me the directions for felting wool and the awesome headband ear warmer she had made. Here are a few of my first attempts. They are so much fun to make and wear."  -Tracy-

I, Kate, adore these.period.

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