Clover Green and Papaya Orange

Our wedding colors were clover green with touches of papaya orange and saffron yellow. We kept it modest at the church with mostly neutral ivory and the clover green. At the reception we added all of the orange and yellow to make it have a brighter, party-feel. The colors were perfect for a June, Irish -inspired day.

The centerpieces consisted of various heights of glass vases with bold, fresh flowers of daises, wildflowers, and bells of Ireland and other greenery. We also put in LED lights in the water and it offered a warm ambiance throughout the room.

The Tapas Bar was decorated with orange and green of course!

I loved my bouquet! The blue ring, from my grandmother, was my something blue. I also added other charms that represented personal moments and memories to the bouquet.

Simple and fun describes our cake. Buttercream cake with nutella filling and orange, green, and yellow confetti of course! The best part is we served it with cartons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream for every guest!

The table runners were made by my mom, grandma,and me. I was looking for an anthropologie, picnic- feel.
our signiture drink was called absolut wedding. it was made with absolute vodka, citron liquor, lime juice. It was served with an orange slice and proved to be a hit! ( ps. I ll share the menu cards and favor next week!)

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